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GPMS Rocks!

R- Respect others

O - Obey rules

C - Command responsibility

K - Keep safe

s - smile!


Settings and Expected Behaviors


Expectations Cafeteria Rules Hall Rules Playground Rules Restroom Rules Bus Rules
Respect Others
  • Keep place in line
  • Keep your hands off of others food
  • Use inside voices at all times
  • Maintain low noise level
  • Walk on the right side
  • Dispose of litter properly
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Keep the area clear of graffiti and clean for yourself and your classmates
  • Remain in your seat
  • Maintain low noise level
Obey Rules
  • Stand in single line
  • Keep area clean
  • Dispose of items properly
  • Walk facing forward
  • Respect displayed work
  • No rough contract sports (tackling, tagging)
  • Maintain low noise level while lining up
  • Use the restroom and supplies properly and quickly
  • Conserve water, soap, and paper products
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Enter bus in single file and take your seat
Command Responsibility
  • Clean your eating area
  • Dispose of litter properly
  • Food remains inside
  • Walk quickly to your destination
  • Be on time to all classes
  • Respond quickly to the bell and the direction of the duty personnel
  • Use equipment appropriately
  • Flush toilet after use
  • Use toilet and urinals correctly
  • Report to and load the bus promptly
  • Dress code applies until you reach home
Keep Safe
  • Keep food on your plate
  • Stay in line
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Keep traffic flowing
  • Walk to and from the playground
  • Rocks, sticks, and other items shall remain on the ground
  • Report plumbing and cleanliness problems
  • Wash your hands
  • Follow all of the rules of the bus driver for the safety of yourself and others

Discipline Policy

Students at Goodpine Middle School travel from rooms and other areas with a clipboard for their class. They have marks on the clipboard for behavior. The teachers will give different marks ranging from excessive talking to disruptive behavior. They will have a +sign for positive behavior and a - sign for negative behavior for the week. A negative means they received three marks for that week. Three marks in one day will also result in an office referral. All D and F papers will be reworked and signed by parent for homework. The principal will have test talks with them about their weekly tests. They must be turned in to the principal the next day or this will result in an office referral. We do have a PBIS system where students are rewarded for good grades, attendance and behavior.


1 mark = Warning

2 marks = Recess detention

3 marks = Parent phone call

4 marks = Early morning detention

5 marks = In-school suspension